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Nocturnal Interiors – FD 40

Fondazione Diamante provides occupations and housing to people with handicaps in Southern Switzerland. During its 40 years of activity it has enabled countless people feel worthy and fully part of society rather than isolate them within secluded premises or treat them differently than anyone else. With this project I wanted to put forward a lesser known aspect of the scope of services offered by the foundation, which is the housing; all the while dismantling stereotypes and assumptions surrounding such places.

Using a long exposure technique in total darkness as a metaphor for the mission of the foundation to go beyond initial perceptions to give people – with due support – a chance to shine, I wanted to reveal those living spaces literally in a different light, one which, as it is presented, is physiologically invisible to the human eye. A “shot in the dark” shrouded in mystery that reveals a similar, yet unique reality.

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