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Locarno, among other things

A month has passed already since the end of the 70th Locarno International Film Festival 2017, it's incredible how time flies, isn't it?! So it seems about right I gathered some of the shots from this edition for you to see. This time, as my duties became greater since last year, I was given a full page in which I sort of had creative "carte blanche". What this means is, I had a bit more freedom to seek out and plan the shots (sometimes… not, but where would the fun be otherwise?) instead of scrambling to get any keepers. As a consequence, you'll find less "stolen moments" from the red carpet or candid scenes and more "portraits" in the stricter sense of the term (with a couple of exceptions, you'll recognise those by their square format).

I still have some backlog on other non-festival stuff, which I'll hopefully, eventually, get published here, but for the time being, enjoy Locarno 70!

In other news, the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 exhibition is still travelling around Europe. Right now you'll be able to catch it at the Reggia di Monza in Milan (until October 29, 2017), and then at the Willy Brandt Haus in Berlin (starting November 7, 2017). Don't miss these if you want to see my winning series Art. 115.

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