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Good things come to those who wait

Not too good at keeping up with updates, am I?

So I've been a bit busy and have thus neglected the website a little. I will get to upload some new things at some point, just don't know when. What you might expect when the time comes, though, is pictures from Argentina, pictures from a couple of film sets, pictures from a few concerts, and a slew of random pictures I just happen to like (some of which are visible on my Instagram profile, whenever I get round to posting stuff there).

Even further down the line I'll have other pictures from a bunch of film rolls I have yet to develop – I'm waiting for my Lab Box, which might, eventually, finally, come soon, before I proceed. Don't ask me what's on them, I don't even remember…

Can't give you a timeline for all of this, so I won't ask you to "stay tuned", don't fret about it (but do check in from time to time, who knows?).


  • Small update

    Here comes a long due update. I had been posting them on Intagram, but the portraits from the 71st Locarno International Film Festival 2018 are also finally all in one place. This year, I had the immeasurable chance of shooting the official magazine's…


    So while you and I and everyone else wait for the other updates I said would come, eventually, I swiftly managed to upload some pictures from the Frauenstreik/Grève des femmes/Sciopero delle donne 2019 that took place all across Switzerland this past…

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